The New Light Body


The New Light Body


Many of us are now at the level where our energy field is ready for the next stage. For this, our bodies need to go through a deeper level of transformation.

The birth of the New Lemuria and these light codes are awakening within you. It is time to open these love codes and allow the light they hold to heals the earth and all things through our bodies and beings. The wisdom needed to balance your being and the inner knowing that will awaken these codes, need to be connected with your inner self. This will help us to connect to the Everything as one.

We are all at a crossroads. It can be an intense feeling and you may be getting confused with what is happen with the emotional self. Take heart, there is a pathways through.

The light shining within is amplifying emotions to show us what no longer service us or is not in balance. There are different types of vibrational light and as you have been vibrating at one level now and are now move to the next level, this can cause a shake up of emotions. Layers of emotions are shifting within us.

Through this process, the light creates a more balanced, peaceful, loving awakened space within you. It helps us by allowing us to go to a deeper level – through the challenges and initiations – which will bring healing on all aspects and levels of the body.

As we open more and more to this light, we become highly affected and sensitive in the physical body. Although sometimes uncomfortable, it allows us to dive deep and heal the core, healing any places in the emotional body that have us trapped in the lower vibrations of fear.

As we become more embodied in our light, we find that pollution, addictive substances, toxins and radiation no longer affect us. It is time to keep yourself in the higher dimensions, to stay grounded and connected to your heart. When we navigate from the head instead of the heart, we can create fear and illusion. But as you listen more and more to the heart consciousness, peace will open within you, no matter what is happening around you. It is time to listen to your inner voice, your hearts loving desire. Remembering fear is only an illusion so don’t be put energy into it, take it all one-step at a time.

It is time to connect and go deeply into your heart consciousness and heart center. Through this space, you will know you are always one with source and spirit in all dimensions and worlds. You are the one body of light, aware of all your multi- dimensional Self. Surrender into the divine will, knowing that whatever comes to you as a part of the illusion of fear will no longer resonate.

Remember to take deep breaths into the core of the belly. Allow love and acceptance into the fear, no matter how subtle it is. This will align, center and ground you, which will allow you to connect with the emotion and release any anxiety. With the anxiety released you can then connect with what your body and soul are really calling for, knowing you are beyond the illusion, not of it.

In this, you are your Knowing. You are in a world of love and peace – in harmony with all beings and all of creation. You are your Center – in peace, stillness and love, honoring and at one with the Divine Mother Earth. It is time to you true essence, your home within.

We are letting go of everything, so if you feel jaded with certain things, tired of the whole game, then you are on the right path. You are ready to move on into a lighter, brighter, loving peaceful world here on Earth.

Be aware of your future self. It has been there already through this time. Ask, when will you be fully energized and out of this transition phase? What can I do to help myself? We all have male and female energy aspects of self in our form and non-form. Bring these to the surface to be balanced. This is your twin flame within.

If you feel you don’t know who are you or have separation from the self, it is time to go within your heart, as the most important thing during this time is to reconnect to your inner self.

You need some time of solitude. Time away from the outside world for a short space of time will allow you the space to transfigure. For example, taking a hot bath with epsom salts, essential oils and some crystals is very relaxing, soothing and purifying to the bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Being with nature, sitting or lying on the earth is extremely grounding. Nature Mother Earth aligns and centers us, she is extremely healing and supportive bringing us back to solitude, a sense of peace.

Honor yourself and take time out for you when needed. Life is always so busy and exhausting, so find the time to rest as much as you can. We are in a time where our cells are rearranging. Your body is going though a process, creating alternative ways of operating as energy and light, and you are being prepared for more light to be assimilated. When these high frequencies light come through, you will find you are not as hungry and can become picky with your foods. You may even find a lessening desire to eat junk food and processed foods, and want to put more of the nourishing foods into your body. Many of us consume through emotional eating, but at present, we need to eat what our body is really asking for. We need to be eating nourishing and wholesome foods.

Keep away from people that have agendas and/or want your energy or power. It time to let go of all suckers. Unfortunately many people in humanity are energy takers and suck energy through interactions. Some aren’t even aware of it and know no other way. When you are in public you must put protection around you, like the golden octahedron dome. Otherwise, you can accidentally pick up or take on energies that are not uplifting.
This is not judgmental but discerning. It is essential for your process that you are with people that are uplifting, not ones that pull you down. Your body wants to be nurtured and embraced by loving people. We are in very new vulnerable bodies. Ask and listen to your inner self about what you need from yourself. Trust what you get and keep checking thought the day how your feel and what else can I support myself with. Connect to your needs and what your heart wants.

For example, for myself, when I am in transition space, I put myself in a octahedron dome with diamonds at each point and golden violet light. I do this process in the morning and at night. Alternatively, you can put yourself in a bubble of light. It is meant to be unlimited and expansive. By no means constricting your energy field.

As you let go of the energy of the old reality, the universe will bring you the new. All space must be filled with a frequency of energy and so an energy field that is emptied will be re-filled. You have the power to choose the new energy frequency.


Blessings, love and light,
Illumina Rose

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