Sacred Temples of the Nile


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Beautiful Beings,

I am beyond ecstatic to be heading off to Egypt next week for an Sacred Temple of the Nile Journey!

My heart feels alive and my being so ready for the changes and initiations that are moving through my body and being as the time comes closer. It can feel it is going to be incredible. Already, I have been experiencing massive purges and upgrades as my being prepares for the magic that is coming.

We will be visiting all the major temples along the Nile valley, connecting deeply with the wisdom keepers of this ancient land and receiving activations and a whole new level of codes as we go.

My body is vibrating already and I look forward to sharing bits of the journey with you as we go and bringing back a whole new collection of upgrades codes of love to share with you all.

Humanity is on the precipice of change and we are all are paving the way for the embodiment of love on this earth. Thank you foe being a part of this leading edge of love! Thank you for sharing your gold with the world! And thank you for being the remarkable magical being that you are! It is an honour to journey with you.

Blessings, love and light,
Illumina Rose

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