Family Healings

Bringing Healing through Bridging Understanding, Emotional Healing and Spiritual Clearing, Healing and Activations – Working with Individuals and the Family as a Whole.

Family Healings

Bringing Healing through Bridging Understanding, Emotional Healing and Spiritual Clearing, Healing and Activations – Working with Individuals and the Family as a Whole.

Family Healings

Family sessions involve the whole family, both as individuals and as a part of the collective dynamic. Sessions may include private sessions with each individual, as well as group sessions.

Illumina works with you both behaviourally and spiritually. She support you all to bridge understanding between family members, as well facilitate spiritual clearings, healings and activations for individuals and the family as a whole. Illumina works with you to bring harmony, love and balance back into your family dynamic.

What’s Involved?

During the family sessions, Illumina will work with your families needs and by connecting in with each individual in the family and the family as a whole. She will support you all to connect with your feelings and what your souls are speaking about, rather than what we may be been programmed to feel, think, do.

She may guide subtle behavioural shifts, supporting growing awareness and understanding of each other as well as clearing out underlying blocks and hooks and implants and ancestral patterning.

Illumina has worked to reconnect families, bringing estranged fathers back to their sons, supporting healing of fractured relationships, supporting families with a child on the spectrum to find understanding and navigation tools, supporting children with learning difficulties or  ADHD,  bringing the hearts and souls together, supported children with extreme asthma and other physical ailments.

These sessions are all about where subtle energetics and subconscious behaviours meets the practical physical actionable world and how to support and facilitate change.

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Illumina supports families to bridge misunderstandings or reconnect astranged or strained relationships and supports families to bring harmony and love back into relationships.

Illumina chanel through unique understanding of the subtle energetics of what is going on, the human experience for all involved, possible behavioural changes and additionally energetic and spiritual clearing and healing that can support the family dynamic. She will support you all to clear blocked pathways of energy and communication and release implants and encode all of you with new frequencies to support a more harmonious dynamic.

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Illumina supports families in supporting children with behavioural difficulties. She works with both the parents and the children to determine the underlying energetics of what is going on in any given circumstance.

Illumina keeps parents in the loop and asks them to be a part of the healing process.   It is important for the parent/s to understand what is going on for the child, what is happening in their life, how they are feeling, whilst maintaining the integrity of what the child might share in confidence. The parents will be invited to look within themselves to  see how their behaviour could support their childs balance. All family members are a part of the healing equation.

What is the most supportive course of healing for you and your family?

My family have been making regular appointments with Rose for many years and my 6 year old son has been on a regular basis since he was a newborn.

My son has asthma and has tendencies to take life and situations seriously. Since seeing Rose she has guided him to see the sunny side of life. She has challenged him to see the bigger picture and not be restricted by old programming, gender specific roles and judgmental behaviour.

Along with this guidance, diet changes and fun and loving surroundings my son is now a happy young boy. He feels he can now take charge of his life making him feel confident, happy and enthusiastic about what life can offer.’

– Sam, Australia

Words cannot even begin to express how grateful and blessed I am to have you helping me and my son. The changes in my son’s behaviour have not only brought hope into my life, but an abundance of joy as well. My son’s health and happiness is shifting beautifully with each session. I am so excited to continue with your healing sessions and see my son continue to shift to a place of peace, love, happiness and harmony.

Through your divine insight and guidance I am also experiencing remarkable changes. I am now feeling more excited and energetic and coming to know my true highest self,
With each healing session I feel like a portal of love and grace is opened and in that space a precious and divine gift of healing is instilled in my heart and soul. A gift I am so thankful for and cherish.
Thank you Rose for holding a space of such unconditional love, acceptance and intrinsic wholeness which allows your healing to occur at the deepest of levels and become life changing. You are a beautiful blessing!’

– Christine, San Diego, USA


To book a Family Session, please contact Illumina to talk about what might be the most aligned path for you and your family. Illumina will tune into your family members and determine what your sessions might looks like.

If you have already spoken to her, please click the link below to book. Otherwise contact her to discuss your journey.

‘When you give energy to thoughts and feelings, you will attract exactly those thoughts and feelings. If your thoughts and feelings are focused on the mess of the world, how bad it is, how bad life is, how bad others treat you, then that is exactly what you will attract into your life. If you truely focus and change your thoughts and feelings to the goodness, abundance, gratitude, the love that is everywhere everyday, the amazing opportunities you receive and blessings you receive each day that is what you will attract and encounter in your life everywhere.
You have a choice and the power to create magic in your life.
What will you choose?’

– Illumina Rose

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