Eclispe Season

July – August 2018

The Eclipse Season


We are currently in an Eclipse Season. Coming up, there are three eclipses in a row. This is a very rare occurrence, as usually there is one lunar and one solar in a year span. This year we have five eclipses. It is a powerful and potent portal of potential for us.

There is a doorway opening, with two solar and one lunar in the middle giving us a powerful opportunity to align our bodies and being with heaven and earth, spirit and matter.

We have the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse (12th/13th July), the Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and a Blood Moon (27th/28th July) and Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse (11th August) guiding us.

The Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse will be the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century. Both it and the August Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse have strong pedigrees with them. This means that Mother Earth/Gaia and all of us will be really to feel the pull and frequency of them.

With these profound frequencies and waves in our atmosphere, powerful openings can occur in our hearts as the energy of the universe pours through this center in our bodies.

By the time these eclipses are done, we can shift our emotions enabling us to respond in a loving way to this third dimensional illusion that has us limited instead illuminate every single cell within our being.

We are all on a journey to ascension and navigating this can be tiring and consuming at times.

The frequency waves that are coming through, give us the opportunity to unpeel the layers that are holding us back from aligning to our highest Divine Blueprint. The energies that are coming through are from the Great Central Suns and from the Galactic Centre. They help us to align and allow us to move out of our 3D and move into our god source.

This will awakens us to peace, love and harmony that we are all yearning for.

During this time, the shadow of the eclipse and the moon makes its way across our sun and the earth. As this happens, the New earth grid and crystalline grids moves through our being and all aspects of our selves.

These are opportunities that should not be missed as they are limited. Eclipses are times when the energies are extremely powerful, making is easier to align and magnetic codes to the higher dimensional realms within selves and councils of light and beyond.

This allows us to align and balance. It is a time when we can suddenly remember old memories that need to be cleared, that have been blocking us and our light from shining it’s true essence. Through these clearings, the light that we are to be, is now recognized and available to us.

It is time to embrace and love the 3D paradigm so to release us from it’s grip. This enables us to let go of what does not service us anymore. The inner nurturing of the illusion, will open us to the love and nurturing of the real essence of self allowing us to remove the layers of limitations and allow o shine to your fullest. It allows us to access the energetic harmonic of spirit and matter through our physical body’s. It opens our hearts further to surrender into Love, oneness, deep peace and serenity within and without.

There are big shifts that happening within us during this time. There will be no separation as we embrace the oneness of all that is. Its time to nurture the expanded, all encompassing beings that each of us are.

We know how powerful our combined love is, so together in the One Heart we can support our connections to create a shift for humanity.

We create our Reality
We are the Creator Goddess/Gods creating Heaven on Earth.
We are reminded of our Star and Light Families and that we are multi-dimensional.
We are one with all aspects of our self in higher realms.

The Masters, Guides and angels are helping each and every one of us.
It’s all You/Us/We/One.
There will be no veils of separation on this New Earth. Only love, peace, harmony and serenity.

Blessing love and light,
Illumina Rose

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