Couples Sessions

Bringing Healing through Bridging Understanding, Spiritual Clearing, Healing and Activations – Working with the Couple as a Whole and Both Individual.

Couples Sessions

Bringing Healing through Bridging Understanding, Spiritual Clearing, Healing and Activations – Working with the Couple as a Whole and Both Individual.


Couple Healings

Couple sessions work with both people individually as well as how they contribute to the couple dynamic. Sessions may include private sessions with each individual, as well as sessions together.

Illumina works with you both energetically, emotionally and spiritually. She support you all to bridge understanding and create new habits, as well as facilitating spiritual and energetic clearings, healings and activations for both individuals and the couple as a whole. Illumina works with you to bring harmony, love and balance back into your partnership and relating dynamic.


What’s Involved?

During the couple sessions, Illumina will work with your needs and by connecting in with each individual and the couple as a whole. She will support you all to connect with your feelings and what your souls are speaking about, rather than what we may be been programmed to feel, think, do.

She may guide subtle behavioural shifts, emotional awareness, supporting growing awareness and understanding of each other as well as clearing out underlying blocks and hooks and implants and ancestral patterning.

Illumina has worked to reconnect couples, improving connection, improving sexual connection, compatibility and polarity, supporting healing of fractured relationships or trauma, supporting couples to concieve,  bringing the hearts and souls together.

These sessions are all about where subtle energetics and subconscious behaviours meets the practical physical actionable world and how to support and facilitate change.



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Relationship Transformation

Illumina supports couples to bridge misunderstandings and reconnect astranged or strained relationships. She supports you to bring back /deepen existing harmony and love within relationships.

Illumina chanels through unique understanding of the subtle energetics of what is going on, the human experience of both people, possible behavioural changes, emotional healing / clearing and additionally energetic and spiritual healing that can support the dynamic.

She will support you all to clear blocked pathways of energy and communication and release implants and encode all of you with new frequencies to support a more harmonious dynamic.

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Fertility Treatments

Illumina supports couples who are wanting to conceive. She works on many levels, including physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual and ancestral.

Illumina has supported couples who have had little or no success through conventional methods to conceive healthy, happy babies. She may work with one or both individuals in the couple to support optimal health, vitality and an energetic environment conducive to conception.

She works with hormone balance, endometriosis, Poly Cystic Ovarian syndrome, fibroids, low sperm motility, sperm egg compatibility and much more.

What is the best course of healing for you and your partner?


Relationship Testimonial

‘Our relationship has become closer with the big changes in both of us. I feel that through the sessions and workshops with Illumina, my husband, my family and I have our happiness and our health in our own hands and we have the tools to maintain these no matter what life challenges we face.
Thank you Rose for your help and support and believing in us.’

– Sue, Australia


Fertility Testimonial

‘I was diagnosed with PolyCystic Ovarian (PCO) disease as a teenager and was put onto a contraceptive pill to encourage my body to have a cycle (medically induced). My ovaries were enlarged and my hormones unbalanced. I married in my late twenties eager to have a family but due to my PCO this was very difficult.

I began working with Illumina in 2007 and everything changed! Rose guided me through many processes allowing me to gain understanding and knowledge about me and the journey of self transformation began. This was life changing to say the least and it opened me up to a whole new world.

We are now a very happy family of four with two healthy sons aged 8 and 3 years and my cycles are regular.’

– Kate, Australia



To book a Couple’s Session, please contact Illumina to talk about what might be the most aligned path for you and your partner. Illumina will tune into both individuals and determine what your joureny might looks like.

If you have already spoken to her, please click the link below to book. Otherwise contact her to discuss your journey.

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