The Living Power


The Living Power


What has this profound eclipse season given you?

This incredible portal is one of the most profound of our time. It began on June 13th and is known as a leap forward in evolutionary space-time. It has created an opportunity for your consciousness to review your life, your inner world, karmic ties and anything that is not resolved, and show you patterns that exist in your external reality.

What exists within your external world, also exists inside your consciousness and so by digging deep within yourself, you can become aware of things that have been suppressed and buried within. These may be from your childhood, past experiences and even past lives.

NOW is the time step into your power and become the Divine You that you really are! This is the time to allow yourself to dig deep within, to have the courage to dive into your shadow self and uncover what lies in the subconscious.

Many people are afraid of going within, yet this is where your blessing are hidden. The lotus that grows to share its beauty out from the thickness of the mud shows us the way.

This is a great time to pay close attention to all the dreams you receive. Have a journal and write down all that comes to you.

All the stars are coming into specific alignment and the retrograde phase is consistently showing us the attributes that we have within. The Stars are like aspects of your consciousness, therefore when they go into a retrograde cycle, they reflect the opportunity for spiritual expansion.

This cycle has been about connecting with your divine feminine within and witnessing everything that may have been suppressed in your life – your emotions, thoughts, how you behave, the relationship with yourself and others. All of these things are under the microscope and it is time for them to come out of hiding.

This is essential because every time we have an eclipse, it reboots our systems and consciousness. It give us the opportunity to go deep within – to look at what no longer serves and to draw a new phase or new opportunities towards you. It is a powerful time.
Now is the time for you to create what it is that you want in your heart! It is a great time to see what is playing out in your life that is keeping you from fully connecting with the One Consciousness.

This is the universes’ loving way. It dismantles all of the energies that no longer serve you, so that you can be truly free. This will help you to not only connect in the Golden Grids, but also to fully experience what the Golden grids feel like within your being. It allows you to have and hold that level of conscious and to be able to maintain it permanently.

You simply need to allow yourself to be vulnerable, transparent and to have the courage to be true to you. You need to lovingly see the different aspects of you in your life, and let go of the blame game that may be being projected outside of oneself.

Embodying yourself in this way, will give you a shortcut road through this portal into the Golden Aeon. You need to keep practicing and make it your life path. It is time to continually forgive, trust and surrender – both yourself and others.

The main influences on this path of the masculine and feminine union are consistently being offered down to use from the celestial bodies. The stars are communicating within you as every single star is inside of your physical body, your organs, your whole body structure and the energetic body.

When you are aligned with the stars, you expand your consciousness and intelligence to reach a new level, a new cycle of life. We are beginning a new cycle and it is an opportunity for you to love yourself completely.

When you are completely honest with yourself, you are truly loving you and in that love, that you can allow yourself to go to the deepest, darkest places within. It maybe terrifying to look at, but I invite you to love those aspect and places within you.

We all have moments when we may not have behaved in a way that we consider to be ‘the perfect self’. It is time to see the perfection in even these moments and feelings. It is time to go deep within and embrace every magical part of your being. You are Perfect, You are Loved.

It’s in the stillness of our soul that we reconnect with the living power of the Divine Self. This is where you learn your language of your heart, hear your souls stories and listen to your spirits song of wisdom.

Blessings, love and light,
Illumina Rose

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