Healing Sessions

Illumina offers a wide variety of sessions, supporting Families, Couples and Individuals to Embody Loving Relationships and Their Highest Divine Blueprint – Using Galactic Healing, Akashic Soul Readings, Karmic Re-patternings, Clearing and Reprogramming.

Healing Sessions

Illumina offers a wide variety of session, supporting Families, Couples and Individuals to Embody Loving Relationships and Their Highest Divine Blueprint – Using Galactic Healing, Akashic Soul Readings, Karmic Re-patternings, Clearing and Reprogramming.

‘The true purpose of my work is to give people the sense of the themselves as powerful creators of their lives, connecting them to the innate wisdom and source of love with them.’

Illumina Rose


Divine Offerings

Illumina believes that everyone has immense power within. She is here to support you to remember yours!

Illumina is a channel for cosmic and divine forces, to assist her clients ascension to their highest potential. Using galactic healing and ascension processes, Illumina Rose works through the physical body as a central focus for healing and spiritual growth.

Humanity is on the verge of a fundamental transformation. We are preparing our physical forms to exist in the 4th and 5th dimension. Illumina Rose works to calibrate your body to these energies so that your soul and body can be aligned as the transition occurs. She works with the whole makeup of the body – from the DNA to the bio-chemistry – clearing and aligning the whole being to Love.

Illumina is here to elevate people so that their structural forms are ready for the the energetic shifts that are occurring. She is here to help you navigate your human experience and move towards your Highest Divine Blueprint.

Three Tier Offerings


Personal Healing Sessions

Illumina offers a wide variety of personal healing session styles, including Chakra Healing, Soul Healing, Channeled Readings, Spiritual Counseling, Crystal Programming and Energetic Implant Removal. During these sessions, she connects energetically to hear vast counsel of higher beings and the highest spiritual realms, your Akashic records, your higher guides, karmic lessons, your past lives and current life.

Her sessions will usually involve multiple modalities, although you can specify your desire for a particular focus.

Illumina Rose Soul-Healing Healings - Private Sessions

Chakra Healing

In this session, Illumina will clear past life trauma out of your energy field, align and balance your chakras, remove hooks, taps and caps from your chakras and clear them of karmic lessons. She will align you back to the Divine Blueprint of your Chakra System, supporting you to find vitality, health and stability.

This is a great session for people feeling a bit stuck, depressed or sad. You may feel like things are just not quite working out for you. This session will support you to come back to self confidence, grounding and a healthy self esteem.

Illumina Rose Soul-Reading Healings - Private Sessions

Channeled Reading

In this session, Illumina reveal the overall energetic picture of your body, being and soul. She can look into where you are at, where you are going and where you have been, as well as seeing past life journeys and how they are impacting the now. She can illuminate different directions, listening to your beings guidance. She can see where fears and self doubts are getting in the way of you trusting your intuition and clear these pathways for deeper self trust.

This is a great session for anyone wanting guidance on their path, desiring self trust and intuition, clear pathways for smooth life path and understand the path you are on.

Illumina Rose Chakra-Healings Healings - Private Sessions

Soul Healing

In this session, Illumina will help you align with your soul and your higher self, so that you can grow in your souls destined direction. Illumina will review the mandala of your Soul Star Chakra, look into it’s Divine Blueprint and repair your energy so that you can shine in the brilliance of your true self.

This is a great session for people who are has depression, anxiety, separation, loneliness, desperation, disconnection. This session will support you to come back into your vitality, align you with your souls gift and their expression and allow life force to course through your radiant being.

Illumina Rose Spiritual-Councelling Healings - Private Sessions

Spiritual Counseling

In this session, Illumina will view your body and being from a very unique perspective, looking at where your life is at and where your Divine Blueprint is calling you to be. She will look at what is happening in your life and you body and being, looking at both the physical and the metaphysical, feeling the subtle energetics of what is underpinning the situations in your life.

She will offer guidance and support for any issues with life, family, job, self, relationships and more. She can illuminate what lessons sit inside the life situations and clear pathways while guiding you on towards your Highest Divine Blueprint.

These Spiritual Counseling Sessions are incredibly powerful sessions to introduce you to the work of Illumina Rose and are


Illumina Rose Crystal-Programming Healings - Private Sessions

Crystal Programming

In this session, Illumina will encode your crystal specifically for you and your needs across all levels. She will look at what heart and soul are yearning for, what you want from life, as well as any areas that need support or healing physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, energetically. She will then program your crystals with these code and vibrations, supporting you on your journey.

Illumina encodes Clear Crystal Quartz, which you can then hold close to you. These crystals are very useful for emotional clearing and stability, invoking peace and calm (very useful for babies) and supporting you to balance your body or environment to come into harmony.

Illumina Rose Implant-Removal Healings - Private Sessions

Implant Removal

In this session, will view your field, body and being, illuminating and removing any unhealthy hooks, ties and caps from your field. When someone is tapped in to your field, your energy can leak out towards them. You can loose your life force force and creative energy. This can leave you exhausted and depressed, and sometimes even carrying unusual personality traits that don’t feel like yours.

Illumina liberate you from these implants, and returning the full spectrum of your energy field to you. People have experienced feeling like their personality has suddenly returned and that they are suddenly filled with so much joy and energy, that their heart and soul are suddenly aligned with their body again.


60 – 75 mins in length

$222 USD

Via Skype


‘Open your heart, open your mind, feel your soul flying free. Love yourself unconditionally and completely first. Hear your calling, hear your song, hear your laughter. Feel the air that you breath, the earth beneath your feet. Feel the blessing that you are and the blessing and gratitude for life.’

– Illumina Rose

Success with Healing Depression

‘There are no words in the universe to describe Rose’s soul, beauty and caring heart. It is not by chance that I came in contact with such a powerful force at a time when I needed her the most.
I cannot begin to describe how Rose has changed my life. The way I feel has morphed from weak and exhausted to strong and vibrant. The way I think has changed from honoring everyone else to honoring myself. The way I see has gone far beyond what lies in front of me and goes deeper into dimensions I never thought possible.

I cannot emphasize enough how connected I feel to Rose and how much she is capable of seeing deep into my soul, hopes and dreams. Most of all she always keeps my better interest at heart. I never could have dreamed that we would meet and she would help transform my life step by step and teach me a better way of living. My heart is once again full because she came into my life and reminded me how to love myself truly and deeply. By doing this, she has helped me to love my son better and have patience and understanding to see through his eyes.

I aspire to be more as she helps me to grow. She has taught me that sometimes I must submit my control to a higher force and in actuality the control I thought I once had never really existed.

I look to forward to working with Rose further and raising to my higher self more and more. Together we have embarked on a journey I never thought imaginable. I now no longer yearn to be who I used to be, but to move forward and be a much better, more enriched version of myself. I am learning to be more patient and understanding through my transformation and look forward to the me that lies ahead.

Thank you for everything you have done for me, Rose’

Lisa Lopez, USA

Diamond Soul Alignment


This session is the Diamond of the Healing Sessions. This session looks at self, soul, spirit, family, children, relationships, food, illness, career, addictions, physical diseases, negative tendencies, limiting beliefs and karmic patterns. Illumina will go through your whole body system – right up to your souls divine blueprint – to see what is going on.

She will reveal and clear what is blocking you on the physical plane, in the emotional body, the subtle body, releasing karmic ties and healing past life traumas. Illumina will clear and unblock anything that is in the way – through the whole 12 bodies and the 13 Charka

This is the Diamond of all Healings and Illumina will get you where you want to go!


✓ DNA clearing
✓ DNA Activations
✓ Soul Activations
✓ Cellular Clearing
✓ Implant Removal
✓ Purpose Activations
✓ Akashic Soul Reading
✓ Detox system energetically
✓ Soul Star Chakra Alignment
✓ 12 Body clearing and healing
✓ Align to Your Divine Blueprint
✓ De-calcify pineal and pituitary
✓ 13 Charka clearing and activations
✓ Diet and lifestyle alignment channeling
✓ Home care and continued self care guidance
✓ Channeled guidance – food, life, path, relationships, vocation
✓ Continued energetic holding and clearing refinements from Illumina for the weeks afterwards
✓ Ability to ask questions and receive additional guidance from Illumina at any time once session has completed

This is a Domino Treatment – Illumina will clear and activate gradually through the layers  of your being, so not to shock the body. This way, the body is ready for the next step and the pathway is smooth. Through this session, you will meet your edges and lean into them, but never shock the body or the field.

Illumina is with you all the way. She will be feeling and adjusting where needed and you are welcome to contact her between sessions if something comes up and she will contact you if she feels there is something to adjust for you.

This healing is a TOTAL LIFE OVERHAUL, aligning and clearing your whole being, so that you are fully alive and aligned to your Highest Divine Blueprint.


60 – 75 mins in length

$444 USD

Via Skype

Includes ongoing support and energetic healing beyond the session. Illumina will get you where you want to go.


Lemurian Healing and Activation

The Lemurian Healing and Activations are the Premium of Premium Healing Sessions! It is a Full Being overhaul – healing your soul and being from day one of your incarnation and aligning to and embodying the highest and finest vibration of Love.

Illumina is a key holder of the ancient Lemurian wisdom and is able to heal and encode people with the activations of Lemurian energy. The Lemurian council and Illumina’s Lemurian Guide come to presence for these healings and activations.

We are entering a Golden Age – a time of ease where humanity comes back to Love. Illumina is here to bring those she works with to this Golden Age – the New Lemuria – raising the consciousness and vibration of the planet and humanity.

It is time to Anchor the New Lemurian Codes onto the planet and Illumina will support you to heal and align to this vibration.

Through these deep sessions, you will experience profound change as your deepest being has been healed and new codes have been encoded in the body.

Lemurian Healing

The Lemurian Healing is a precursor to the Lemurian Activations. The body needs to be cleared of any debris and aligned to a high vibration to be able to receive the encoding of the Lemurian Vibration. Illumina clears the density in the body – clearing physical ailments and emotional energy across all timelines.

The Lemurian council and Illumina’s Lemurian Guide come to presence for these healings.

Illumina will go into your being and energy, across all timelines, and do psychic surgery. She will remove any blocked energy that has been stored. We can have past life trauma stored in the cellular body and the DNA – we hold these memories in our physical body and Illumina will feel where the blockages are and clear them. This is healing on a very deep level, across all bodies and aspects of being. You may even feel the energy moving out of your body as the healing occurs on a very deep level. The density is held in the physical and Rose is clearing you across all timelines.


Lemurian Activations

Once your body and being have been cleared of density, your are ready for your Lemurian Activation. The codes that go into the body and the changes that occur are deep and powerful. The physical body can change, energy can shift, everything moves to a higher vibration.

The Lemurian council and Illumina’s Lemurian Guide come to presence for these healings.

This activation is bringing through the New Lemuria into a physical body. It activates the pineal gland, the pituitary, the third eye, opening up the heart consciousness, the womb consciousness, the heart star chakra and the soul star chakra. It is a FULL body re-calibration.

New Lemurian Codes will be encoded in the body, activating all the cells, all the meridians, changing the blood in the body, changing the mental body, emotional body, the whole being to a completely new vibration, forging the way for you to lead the way into the Golden Age – the New Lemuria.



60 – 75 mins in length

$555 USD

Via Skype

Healings and Activations continue for about 5 days after the session.



To book a Diamond Soul Alignment or Lemurian Activation, please contact Illumina to talk about what might be the most aligned path for you. Illumina will tune into you and determine what your sessions might looks like.

If you have already spoken to her, please click the link below to book. Otherwise contact her to discuss your journey.

Free Channeled Transmission


FREE Channeled Guidance Transmission to support you to listen to your being and unlock your true divine potential.
Is it time to Embody Your Highest Divine Blueprint?

‘Failures are not failures at all, they are only the next stepping stone to your success. Your only a failure when you dont allow yourself the change to risk and try.’

Illumina Rose