Sue F., Australia

I have been having treatments with Rose for 10 years now. During that time my husband and family have joined me in having treatments with Illumina…and my grandchildren since birth. I had a car accident 30 years ago which left me with a small degree of paralysis resulting in postural weakness, some difficulty walking, and standing for periods of time would become painful. This has improved so much that none of it is no longer a problem. Emotionally I am much more relaxed and more stable. Illumina has shown many way to work through my emotions and release them rather than suppressing them. I am peaceful within myself. I trust myself. I set boundaries now as I am no longer afraid to do so. My understanding of my Spiritual journey has expanded dramatically with endless help and assistance from Illumina Rose during workshops and treatments. Through the teachings and grand knowledge that I have received I now have my own practise which I am proud to say I can now help not only myself but humanity also. I have experienced readings and channelled messages with Illumina and they have always been proven 110%.accurate. My husband has changed as well emotionally and physically. He has softened and relaxed. He gave up smoking after we realised he had Emphysema. His energy levels have increased, he is happier; he is no longer tired and lethargic. Our relationship has become closer with the changes in us both. I feel that with the treatments and workshops with angelic angel, my husband, my family and I have our happiness and our health in our own hands and we have the tools to maintain these no matter what life challenges we face. Thank you Rose for your help and support and believing in me when I didn’t. Xxx
Rose Ferguson - Awakening your Soul Codes