Sam, Australia

My family have been making regular appointments with Rose over the past years and my 6 year old son has been on a regular basis since a newborn. My son has asthma and has tendencies to take life and situations seriously. Since seeing Rose she has guided him to see the sunny side of life. She has challenged him to see the bigger picture and not be restricted by old programming, gender specific roles and judgmental behaviour. This guidance has come in hand in hand working along side his parents providing tools and techniques to guide, teach, show and explain so changes can be made in his immediate support group. With a strong and secure family group Rose has encouraged him to remove old fears and thought patterns allowing him to shine his own personality, attributes and beliefs in a fun, self accepting and non judgmental manner. Along with this guidance, diet changes and fun and loving surroundings my son is now a happy young boy. He feels he can now take charge of his life making him feel confident, happy and enthusiastic about what life can offer.
Rose Ferguson - Awakening your Soul Codes