Robbie C., Australia

Driving, especially long distances ( except going on holidays )I don't like it !! Mind you I didn't like myself either! I thought I was pretty useless all the time not getting things done. I had itches that drove me mad at times !! and I'd been going to a chiropractor for 40 yrs for no real relief. But then I met Rose through a family member who was going to her. Life is so much simpler now, my itches are all but gone & no more chiro appointments! I have much less stress these days & have a better understanding of life & how we tick. The 700 km round trip ( I still hate travelling )in one day for a wonderful massage & balancing every 4 or so weeks is nothing compared to the benefits I have received through Rose's work. I have moved way up the list of people I like & still climbing !! Thank you with all my heart Rose... Oh & im pretty sure my wife likes me more now too lol"
Rose Ferguson - Awakening your Soul Codes