I was drawn to her by the feeling that she looked familiar to we've met before but I'm sure that in this life we haven't. From experiences with people I knew that somehow we were connected maybe in a past life. I sent her a message and then a friend request, that was my way of seeing if my gut feeling was true. She responded and confirmed so many thoughts and feelings iv had and hadn't told anyone and encouraged me to listen to my own inner voice because it was a source of great knowing of self and understanding. Then I asked her tons of questions almost like a child trying to find out my family tree. She was very patient and understanding with me through the whole process. I asked for some healing and a reading,She gave me a reading, past lives information and healing. The healing I could feel her energy working inside of me and that truly made me believer without a shadow of a doubt. I'm normally a sceptic until I'm shown and I am now a believer, not only in Rose but now another whole world of possibilities. She has made me a true believer in a world full of doubt. Thank you Rose
Rose Ferguson - Awakening your Soul Codes