Christine L., San Diego, USA

Dear Illumina Rose, Words cannot even begin to express how grateful and blessed I am to have you helping me and my son. The changes in my son's behaviour have not only brought hope into my life, but an abundance of joy as well. My son's health and happiness is shifting beautifully with each session. I am so excited to continue with your healing sessions and see my son continue to shift to a place of peace, love, happiness and harmony. Through your divine insight and guidance I am also experiencing remarkable changes. For a long time I lived in a state of apathy. Nothing really excited me or motivated me to make changes or to engage in any activities that I once enjoyed. I felt each day slipping away and growing more helpless and hopeless. I am now feeling more excited and energetic and coming to know my true highest self. In doing so I am discovering a deep self love, motivation and empowerment to begin my soul's purpose and journey of helping others, which is my deepest desire. With each healing session I feel like a portal of love and grace is opened and in that space a precious and divine gift of healing is instilled in my heart and soul. A gift I am so thankful for and cherish. Thank you Rose for holding a space of such unconditional love, acceptance and intrinsic wholeness which allows your healing to occur at the deepest of levels and become life changing. You are a beautiful blessing! Love and Gratitude,
Rose Ferguson - Awakening your Soul Codes